Orcs & Goblins

Orcs & goblins of Middle-earth for 5e

The world of Middle-earth is dominated by several races, but the most iconic henchman are the orcs. Known as goblins in earlier works, orcs are described as the corrupted and twisted version of elves. Rare is the story told in Middle-earth that does not include orcs.

If you have the Monster Manual you could use the following analogs for Middle-earth orcs:

  • Snufflers and Snaga = Goblins (Monster Manual pages 165-166)
  • Uruk-hai = Orcs (Monster Manual pages 244-147)
But you may prefer more variety; after all, orcs will probably appear frequently in your story. If so, feel free to use these suggested orc stat blocks.

Orkish Crafts

Orcs are renowned for their fiendish ingenuity in the manufacture of weapons.

Orkish Weapons

Pain. When dealing damage the wielder of an orkish melee weapon may choose to deal an additional 1 damage to their target and inflict the same amount of damage to themselves.